Trace & Digger Series

The Trace and Digger Series:

The DIGGER series is the precursor to the TRACE series. The whims of the publisher required that the name be changed when the series switched publishers, so Julian "Digger" Burroughs became Devlin "Trace" Tracy. They're a bit harder-edge than the TRACE series, but still filled with enough humor and adventure to keep your sides splitting and the pages turning.

There are 4 books in the Digger series; the first published in 1982.  

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Trace Series - Private eye Devlin Tracy is one of a kind. There are seven books in the Trace series and they won seven national awards, making it one of the most honored series in modern detective history. Mystery and Detective Monthly called the books “the funniest mysteries ever written, bar none.” The head of the Private Eye Writers put Trace on its alltime list of the top 20 private eye novels and listed the spinoff TV show, “Murphy’s Law,” on its top 20 list of television detectives.

Trace, aka Devlin Tracy, operates out of Las Vegas as a very private investigator. The giant insurance company that employs him is willing to overlook his drinking, his gambling and his womanizing for one reason: No matter how dirty and dangerous the job, he gets it done. Now his part-time hooker girlfriend is off on an out-of-town trick, his alimony bills are piling up, and his assignment is to find out if an idealistic doctor is dedicated to killing his patients rather than curing them. What he is about to discover is that ordinary people often have the most perverse secrets, that one unsolved death can mean open season for someone aspiring to become a career beneficiary, and that unless he comes up with some answers fast-someone might put a permanent end to him and his investigation in this dirty game of dollars and death...

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