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As one of the most prolific authors of our age, Murphy has written in numerous genres. A master of both series works and stand-alone novels; he has garnered critical acclaim, national awards and an ever growing fan base.

These pages present a sampling of his works and links to buy them.

Series works:

Destroyer Series


Digger and Trace Series

Razoni and Jackson - scheduled to be republished in 2013


The Forever King

The Broken Sword: King Arthur Returns

The Third Magic


Grandmaster II-High Priest

Scorpion’s Dance

Miss Bidwell’s Spirit

Jericho Day

World Without End

The Temple Dogs

Atlantic City

The Red Moon

Ceiling of Hell

The Sure Thing

Destiny’s Carnival

Leonardo’s Law

2 Responses to All Books

  1. Don Hopper says:

    As a longtime fan of Mr. Murphy’s books (with and without collaborators) I own most of his published works. I am trying to fill in the holes in my collection. I have 3 of the 4 Digger books, but do not know the name of the 4th. Please send a list of all published books (as they are not all listed in the All Novels section of this site) so I can make sure I have them all–not sure how many other books I am missing since he has collaborated with many other writers. Thank you so much for your time and trouble

  2. keith holloway says:

    im looking for 83-86 can you help me please

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