Destroyer: 51-60

Destroyer Series #51-60

The Destroyer Series centers around the adventures of Remo Williams. Remo is a Newark, N.J. police officer who gets framed for a drug dealer’s murder. Sentenced to death and on Death Row, he is offered the chance to stay alive by going along with plans to fake his death. Surviving his death sentence, he wakes to find he’s been recruited to be a highly trained enforcement arm for a secret government organization called CURE. Remo is trained in a style of martial arts called Sinanju named after the Korean village where it was created. His mentor is a wizened, old Korean named Chiun.  Chiun is the single most lethal force on the planet.

Hilariously funny, the series details the exploits of Remo and Chiun as Remo attempts to save the country, one crime at a time with Chiun along to continue training Remo.

The political and social satire in this series will keep you rolling on the floor; but the true fan will tell you that the real magic of the series is the father-son bond which develops between Chiun and Remo and which has made the Destroyer Series one of the longest running action series in history.

Shock Value (Destroyer #51)

"Abraxas!" The word is on everyone's lips, but no one's quite sure why. It seems to promise something, though... a new golden age in which nationalism is forgotten and the world operates selflessly for the prosperity of all. Can it be a coincidence that many of the top minds on the planet have suddenly ...Continue reading →

Fool's Gold (Destroyer #52)

A string of clues, written in an ancient language, points the way to legendary mountain of gold. It's a treasure vast enough to undermine the world's economy, and a mad South American generalissimo will stop at nothing to get it. The only person who can decipher the clues, Dr. Terri Pomfret, is squarely in his crosshairs—until CURE intervenes. Remo and Chiun will have to protect … Continue reading →

Time Trial (Destroyer #53)

Lasers in the jungle...disappearing archaeologists...languages so ancient that they're unknown even to the scrolls of Sinanju. Remo and Chiun are in Central America, looking for a cache of futuristic weaponry that the CIA is very interested in, but they're about to stumble across a secret … Continue reading →

Last Drop (Destroyer #54)

The drug trade's in a tailspin—nobody wants heroin when a cheap cup of coffee will get you just as blitzed. There's something extra-special in the latest shipment of beans coming out of Colombia: it's remarkably potent and remarkably addictive.  … Continue reading →

Master's Challenge (Destroyer #55)

For thousands of years, the best warriors of the world have met once in a generation for a trial of mortal combat that originated with the first master, the Great Wang himself. Sinanju has always triumphed, but legend has it that in a year of the tiger, a Master of Sinanju will fall at the hands of a powerful force, known only as The Other. Will the Destroyer become the destroyed?  … Continue reading →

Encounter Group (Destroyer #56)

Amanda Bull-Schutz was just an angry, lonesome woman hitchhiking her way to Little Rock, Arkansas, until the World Master's spaceship materialized above her. Then she became Preparation Group Leader Amanda Bull, charged with readying mankind for its ascent to the next level of consciousness. Her task: to disable America's arsenal of nuclear weapons.  … Continue reading →

Date With Death (Destroyer #57)

Two hundred and forty-two men are all that stand between American democracy and plutocratic dictatorship, and they don't even know it. Two hundred and forty-two unremarkable men who occupy key positions, a few steps removed from the levers of power.  … Continue reading →

Total Recall (Destroyer #58)

Drug-dealing appears to be down in several major American cities, but it's really just a statistical oddity: someone's got teenagers doing the dealing, and juvenile charges don't appear in the crime stats. The trail leads Remo and Chiun to Detroit, … Continue reading →

The Arms of Kali (Destroyer #59)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian
The Arms of Kali  (Destroyer #59) Death was in the air “Just Folks” airlines was in a jam. Their travelers were ending up in dumpsters, strangled and robbed by the smiling members of the cult of Kali. When faced with … Continue reading →

The End of the Game (Destroyer # 60)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian
The End of the Game  (Destroyer # 60) It’s hard being a billionaire super-genius and Abner Buell was bored. Every game he created, he mastered – there was no competition. If he wanted something, he bought it. With more money … Continue reading →

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