Destroyer Series #61-70

Destroyer Series #61-70

The Destroyer Series centers around the adventures of Remo Williams. Remo is a Newark, N.J. police officer who gets framed for a drug dealer’s murder. Sentenced to death and on Death Row, he is offered the chance to stay alive by going along with plans to fake his death. Surviving his death sentence, he wakes to find he’s been recruited to be a highly trained enforcement arm for a secret government organization called CURE. Remo is trained in a style of martial arts called Sinanju named after the Korean village where it was created. His mentor is a wizened, old Korean named Chiun.  Chiun is the single most lethal force on the planet.

Hilariously funny, the series details the exploits of Remo and Chiun as Remo attempts to save the country, one crime at a time with Chiun along to continue training Remo.

The political and social satire in this series will keep you rolling on the floor; but the true fan will tell you that the real magic of the series is the father-son bond which develops between Chiun and Remo and which has made the Destroyer Series one of the longest running action series in history.

Lords of the Earth (Destroyer #61)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

Lords of the Earth  (Destroyer #61) Waldron Perriweather III was crazy. Well, not crazy. Rich people aren’t crazy, they’re eccentric and Waldron was as eccentric as they come. A staunch “insect rights activist”, Waldron believed that the earth was filled … Continue reading →

The Seventh Stone (Destroyer #62)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

The Seventh Stone (Destroyer #62) Some people know how to hold a grudge. Two thousand years earlier, the House of Wo employed the services of an Assassin of Sinanju but failed to render tribute. When the error of their ways … Continue reading →

The Sky is Falling (Destroyer #63)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

The Sky is Falling  (Destroyer #63) When a greedy corporation blows a hole in the ozone layer and accidentally disables a Soviet missile base, the Russians go on high alert. Convinced they’re under a sneak attack, they deploy hundreds of … Continue reading →

The Last Alchemist (Destroyer #64)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

The Last Alchemist  (Destroyer #64) The Philosopher’s Stone For years, it was only a family legend, a tale told to children, but Harrison Caldwell believed it. Somewhere, carved into a stone, were instructions on how to turn lead into gold. … Continue reading →

Lost Yesterday (Destroyer #65)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

Lost Yesterday  (Destroyer #65) Being a cult leader is hard. Sure, the money flows in, but the government is always nipping at your heels, waiting for any excuse to bring you down. After the whole “alligator in the pool murder … Continue reading →

Sue Me (Destroyer #66)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

Sue Me  (Destroyer #66) All lawyers know the best way to make money is to take it from someone else – no one more so than the barristers at Palmer, Rizzutto & Schwartz. But waiting to find a nice, juicy … Continue reading →

Look Into My Eyes (Destroyer #67)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

Look Into My Eyes  (Destroyer #67) The Russian’s most powerful weapon, a sad-eyed man named Vassily Rabinowitz, just wanted to be left alone. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t going to happen. When a person can reprogram anyone’s brain with a … Continue reading →

An Old-Fashioned War (Destroyer #68)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

An Old-Fashioned War  (Destroyer #68) In An Old-Fashioned War (#68) Remo and Chiun go up against the ultimate enemy of Sinanju – Aries, the God of War. Something strange was happening – and only Chiun knew why. In America, the … Continue reading →

Blood Ties (Destroyer # 69)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

Blood Ties  (Destroyer # 69) In Blood Ties (#69) Remo and Chiun face a man systematically eliminating the heads of all the car manufacturers in the U.S., a man with cold, dark eyes, a man named “Remo Williams”. An assassin … Continue reading →

The Eleventh Hour (Destroyer #70)

Posted on October 16, 2012 by brian

The Eleventh Hour  (Destroyer #70) In The Eleventh Hour (#70) Remo and Chiun face their greatest challenge yet – the exposure of CURE. When Chiun is nearly killed in a collapsing inferno, Remo promises to take him back to the … Continue reading →

7 Responses to Destroyer Series #61-70

  1. Shaun L. Poole says:

    Why does your site say books 61-90 but cuts off at #70?
    I am trying to collect all of your books and need the complete list.
    By the way I think these books are great.

  2. rick tijerina says:

    Would like to purchase the rest of the series to in any new books. Problem I need them nonlinear poor vision. Need the kindal to make the font big. Thank u

  3. Bruce Humphrey says:

    Amazon is not selling any kindle book of Destroyer after #65 Lost Yesterday

  4. Yancey Landrum says:

    That’s no longer true; they now have up through 70:

    Sue Me (The Destroyer Book 66) [Kindle Edition]

    Look into My Eyes (The Destroyer Book 67) [Kindle Edition]

    An Old-Fashioned War (The Destroyer Book 68) [Kindle Edition]

    Blood Ties (The Destroyer Book 69) [Kindle Edition]

    The Eleventh Hour (The Destroyer Book 70) [Kindle Edition]

    They also used to have a couple of 5-book collections on kindle, 61-65, and 66-70; I bought them both in May 2014 but can’t find them on Amazon now. Even though I still have both books and the links still exist in Manage Your Content they don’t work.

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