Nov 10, 2015
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Warren Murphy's BLOODLINE available

It's been a long time coming, but it's here!  Today is release day for Murph's epic organized crime novel, Bloodline.




A gritty historical novel about the Mafia in 1920s New York, from Edgar Award-winning author Warren Murphy.

The Falcones are an immigrant family living in New York City in 1920. Their patriarch, Tony, is a respected policeman. His sons, Tommy and Mario, both served in the Great War and are now upstanding citizens-a cop and a priest. But their cousin Nilo has a dark past, and he fled to America after causing several deaths in a fight in Italy.

Nilo soon falls in with Don Maranzano, a Mafia boss who comes from his hometown in Italy.
Maranzano grooms Nilo as a "real estate broker," but after a few months, Nilo is offered the chance to do some serious work. He becomes a useful still-wrecker, assassin, and skilled criminal. The papers give him the name "Kid Trouble." Tommy and Mario try to turn a blind eye, but it's hard to hide his underworld affiliations.

As conflicts in the city begin to erupt into a violent war involving gangsters from all parts of the country, Tommy and Mario struggle to stay out of the dark world into which Nilo has dragged the family. But when things take a turn for the worse, the Mafia may be the only place for them to go.




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Oct 9, 2012
Category: Announcements has a new look and new functionality as well!

We’ve decided to roll the old site over to a WordPress format.  It will make it a lot easier to maintain and update.  In addition to that aspect of the change, we’re pretty stoked about the changes that are going in the Destroyer Series.  I’ll be posting about them shortly, but they include a new Destroyer coming out soon, a brand new novella to be released VERY soon, and an entirely new spin-off series.  So stay tuned.  And while you’re here, take a look around, like some of the pages/posts, leave comments, etc.  That kind of participation will help keep the site fresh, and help its ranking in the search engines.

Thanks and enjoy!


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