Feb 6, 2011

A lot of rhyme but no reason:

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 History doesn’t always repeat itself but it almost always rhymes, as it is doing today during the Egyptian turmoil.

The last time we had a certifiable halfwit in the White House was Jimmy Carter back in the late 70′s. At that time, Iran was in the hands of the Shah — a dictator to be sure, but by most standards, a pretty benevolent one. He was a friend of the U.S. and he was running a state that was remarkably liberalizing. Women were allowed to go to college; Western dress was accepted; shaaria law was nowhere to be seen.

So what did this anti-semite moron in the White House do? He threw the shah over the side and helped bring about the transfer of Iran from an American ally into the religious-fanatic, women-oppressing, hostage-taking, seventh-century, sewer that it now is . And now soon to be nuclear armed. And probably on a path to triggering World War III…nuclear this time.

Fast forward to today and what do we have now? Mubarak in Egypt, a dictator, but an ally of the U.S. For thirty years, he has stood behind a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel that has been the strongest factor in there not being an all-out shooting war in the area in those three decades. So President Box’o'rocks, Bless his holy name, has now tossed Mubarak over the side. And waiting in the wings is the Muslim Brotherhood. Count on it — you can guess how bad they are because the mainstream media in the U.S. is already calling this gang a “a force for moderation.” Moderate. Not Ideological. Not in support of Islamic terrorism.

Sure. Simply another voice of peace and loooooooooovvvve. Just like Hitler.

Heaven help us all.

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