Feb 6, 2011

Always time for humor:

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 Here’s the joke for the day….for this day or any day. President Box’o'rocks (bless his holy name) has now suddenly become a fan of Ronald Reagan and channeling The Gipper. But of course, as with Obama, it is all talk; all wind and dishwater, with no substance behind it.

Case in point: When Lech Walesa led the Polish shipyard workers on strike in the early 80′s, President Reagan lent them his moral support. So did the Pope. It was the first step and it led to the destruction of the Soviet union. That was Reagan.

Now moving right along, two years ago, three million Iranians marched in the streets of Tehran, trying to free their land from the Islamic despots. President Box’o'rocks surveyed the situation and then decided to go play golf. And spurred on by the silence from Washington, D.C., the revolution was crushed; and thousands were killed; and Iran slipped back even deeper into the dark ages of ignorance and lunacy. With a helping hand from Box’o'rocks’ White House.

So when you hear the mainstreamers tell you that Obama is now taking Ronald Reagan as a model for the future, remember the truth…to emulate Reagan, he will have to grow a pair of body parts that he clearly doesn’t have right now.

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