Jan 12, 2011

Science in the land of the prophet

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 Wheeww. Not a moment too soon. Some of the geniuses in Saudi Arabia captured a bird — a vulture no less — with a nametag on its leg that read “Tel Aviv University” so they immediately knew it was a monogrammed secret weapon vulture sent to the land of Saud to kill everybody by drekking on their headgear. Before another holy war was started, however, somebody with an IQ over 65 found out that the bird was from an animal experiment and far from being a vulture, it was an eagle. Wow, close call, but score one for the forces of peace and loooooooovvvvvvve.

By the way, this follows closely on the heels on sharks being found near one of the Arab beaches and everyone “knowing” that they were sneaked in by the Israeli Mossad to destroy the tourist trade, which suicide bombers have been working so hard to build up. Those Jews won’t stop at anything.

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