Dec 23, 2010

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 During the last Presidential campaign, with a Republican in the White House, the press covered every one-cent hike in gasoline prices as if it were driving all of us to the poorhouse. Then along came President Box’o'rocks and the press lost interest in gas prices. No wonder. When Box’o'rocks (Bless his holy name) took office, gas was $1.80 a gallon. Today, less than two years later, it just went above $3 and analysts are talking about $4 gasoline this summer. We don’t really need tax hikes from this administration; their routine day-to-day incompetence is quite sufficient to raise the cost of living enough to bankrupt all of us.

It’s pretty well agreed that if Robert E. Lee had won at Gettysburg, the union was finished and the South would have won the Civil War. So why didn’t the South win at Gettysburg? Lee’s plan was perfectly workmanlike with the crowning blow was to be Jeb Stuart coming around from behind with 4,000 highly-trained Cavalry to break open the Union lines. Except Stuart ran into one crazy Union Cavalry officer, with a small squad of 400 Michigan men. Outnumbered 10 to one, and answering their commander’s call of “Charge, you Wolverines,” they attacked Stuart’s forces and the Rebels turned and fled. And the union was saved.
And the young Cavalry officer? The youngest general in the Union Army. George Armstrong Custer…to whom we owe the United States of America.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m about fed up with Black Friday and Purple Tuesday and all these alleged wonderful shopping days because it doesn’t seem that they’re about shopping at all anymore.  They’re more about a gang of thugs staying up late to make a lot of noise, act thuggish, see if they can injure somebody and maybe even get lucky and steal something.  Call me when it’s over, huh?

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