Dec 5, 2010

Nobody asked me but...

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 Do liberals ever feel shame? Or do they lack that gene? Her own college has finally stopped awarding any Helen Thomas prize in honor of the grizzled old Jew-hating Lebanese numbskull because of her latest rant of stupidity. But it turns out that she has received more than 75 honorary degrees in her ignorant puke of a life from colleges who just wanted to be, oh, so politically correct by honoring this distaff representative of the White House press corps. Well, this ugly old gorgon should have all her honorary degrees lifted immediately. But don’t hold your breath.

Al Gore says that getting oil from shale is a terrible idea. He also says that his last big suggestion, to starve half the world to death so we could make overpriced, inefficient gasoline from ethanol, was not such a good idea in retrospect. I’m sure all the people who died of hunger thanks to this jackass will appreciate his belated honesty.

And then we come to President Box’o'rocks (Bless His Holy Name.) Remember a few months ago, this yokel was jawboning Germany to start spending more money on “stimulus” to brighten up its weak economy. They should also, opined this smartestest, most brilliantest economic thinker, increase their deficit and everything would work out just fine. Germany decided to ignore him as most people ignore any street corner pest. And so here we are, some months later, and America has spent itself into catastrophe, our unemployment is nearing 10 percent, and no one has any money. And what of Germany? They went their own way. They didn’t spend money they didn’t have and they didn’t expand the welfare state. So now their unemployment rate is 7 percent and they have the strongest economy in Europe and are regularly called upon to bail out Europe’s other losers who tried to follow the Box’o'rocks model. It makes your teeth hurt, how dumb is this temporary resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. (God Bless his Holy Name.)

Oh and one final word about the openestest most honestest administration in history. Remember last week when they said they had surveyed military personnel on duty and they were okay with repealing “Don’t ask, don’t tell.” Well, it turns out they didn’t survey anybody on combat duty who don’t want that rule repealed. And this week, the top Army general and the Marine Corps commandant both testified before Congress that the rule should stand. So I guess it was only a little lie from the White House.

I’ve got a headache; I’ve got to lie down.

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