Dec 4, 2010

What I wished I’d seen:

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 Derek Anderson, the quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, was hammered last week because he was seen talking on the bench and smiling with a teammate while his team was losing by 18 points. The looney press in all its looney majesty was all over that — losing is a laughing matter? How can you do something so terrible as that? And for a moment, I wished I had heard Anderson say something like this:

“Yeah, I was talking to my teammate. You see, one of his kids has been dying, painfully, of incurable cancer and he just got word that there has been a miracle cure and the kid’s going to survive and that’s why I was smiling. I know I was wrong. I know I should have said to him, ‘Hey, keep your stupid inconsequential news to yourself until the game is over. Don’t you know we’re losing and that’s all that’s important in the world?’   Honest, press guys, I’ll never make that same mistake again.”

If QB Anderson had said something like that, do you think it would have embarrassed the sports writers who were grilling him? Naaah; Sportswriters as a class are beyond shame and beneath contempt.

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