Mar 3, 2010

Oy Vey, Canada

Category: General

 Well, the Olympics are over and the Canadians finally got something right after all the tragedy and nuttiness and sheer incompetence that was on display for two weeks….and they are nice, except when war comes, but  I still wouldn’t want these people to export their health care system to us.  I’m with that provincian Canuckistan governor who, when he was asked why he went to America for heart surgery, responded, “Hey, it’s my life.”

And speaking of the Olympics, the Russian figure skater Plushenko is an idiot.  He did his fabled quadruple Putz or whatever it’s called, won silver, and said no one should win gold who doesn’t do a quadruple Putz.  That’s as dumb as a basketball player saying, “Forget about rebounds and assists and three-pointers and foul shots and layups and defense and teamwork.  From now, nobody should be allowed to win the championship who doesn’t dunk every basket.  No dunk, you stunk.”

Plushenko, you stupid.

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