Nov 4, 2010

Close call…but one more enemy dispatched

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 Man, I was really worried about this week’s election. Two wars underway, no jobs for anyone, the economy in shambles, the country going broke with debt in the trillions, two imbeciles appointed to the Supreme Court, Obama-care threatening to kill us all….man, it was scary.
But, as ever, one brave group of American heroes rose to the challenge. Staring with steely eyes into the depths of the problems afflicting our society, they dared to act:

And so, the gallant voters of San Francisco, rose up, went to the polls and voted overwhelmingly to outlaw the McDonald’s Happy Meal. Starting next year, McDonald’s can no longer give away a toy with its meals for kids –that is, unless the meal itself is cooked from grass and wood and has a fat content no greater than that of Ramses’ mummy.

God save the mark.

Let’s face it, folks. There is no hope for the left coast…and now that they’re replacing the Gubernator (awful) with Governor Moonbeam (even worse), the end may be only months away. Don’t buy California bonds, not even if they give them away with your Happy Meal.

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