Oct 27, 2010

Happy Days are here again….

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 Well, November is nearly upon us. Soon, we will have an election. And then, a couple of days later, Box’o'rocks will levitate himself and his entourage, including Lady Schmatta, to India where their party will take over 1,000 hotel rooms — (rather than stay home and face the American electorate). And then, sometime during this trip, Box’o'rocks, the smartest, most intelligentest, most articulatest, the greatest orationalist, will wander over to address the indian Parliament.

This is a place where they have been speaking English forever. However, to celebrate the arrival of the most wonderfulest speaker of all time, they are installing a teleprompter so the genius doesn’t forget what country he’s in. Hey, pal, just do what you do with Mexicans — wish them a happy Cinco de Quatro….Or tell them to go out and kill a cow or something and let’s have a Barack-A-Barbecue… how can that go wrong?

Anyway, back to November….and then later in the month comes Veterans Day which, if past prformance is any clue. Box’o'rocks will be too busy to observe and then Thanksgiving, which, of course, they would have observed, except it’s all about those nsty Pilgrims killing those sweet Indians and stuff like trhat, and how can anybody give thanks to such a terrible country. Go get ‘em, genius.

Meanwhile, here comes Hillary.

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