Oct 27, 2010

Even a stopped clock…..

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 Well, finally, Jimmeh Carter has said something that is correct. He suggested that America hasn’t improved much in 30 years. And he may just be right. Thirty years ago, the White House was infested with the ignorant, anti-semite moron, Jimmy Carter. And, now, 30 years later, the White House is infested by the arrogant, ignorant, egomaniacal moron, President Box’o'rocks (Bless His Holy Name). Fortunately, in the interim between these thirty-year milestones, we were lucky enough to have some Americans in the White House who understood what this country was about and saved it from the socialist garbage heap offered up by people like Jimmeh and Box’o'rocks (Bless his holy name.)

A postscript:  Back in the days of Carter,  the press kept offering up laments like “America is too big to be governed now” and “The Presidency is too big a job for one man.”  All that ended when Ronald Reagan took office and people found out the Presidency wasn’t too big a job — at least if the man trying to do it wasn’t a midget, ala the Peanut Boy from Plains, Georgia.

Now we’re hearing the same thing again, thirty years later.  Newsweek, whose lefto views just resulted in the entire company being sold for one dollar, has a cover story about the Presidential job being too big.  Same old hogwash.  Same old leftie excuse offered up to exonerate incompetents like Prsident Box’o'rocks (Bless his holy name.)

Earth to Newsweek:  see previous comment about midgets in the White House.

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