Sep 18, 2010

Careful where you tread, Jon…updated

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Jon Stewart of the Comedy Channel, following in the tradition of Walter Crackhead as America’s most trusted jackass, is planning a Glen Beckish type rally in Washington just before the election.

Go for it, Jon. Bring your expected gang of nitwits, to look, talk and act stupid, and litter the hell out of Washington, D.C. This will enable President Box’o'rocks to hire a lot of kids to sweep up after you and he can call those jobs created by his stimulus program.

But be careful, Jon, not to say anything that might offend the president, or you might find your name removed from the roster of official butt-wipes. On second thought, not much chance of Stewart saying anything offensive, is there?

An update: six weeks later, Stewart hosts the President and reaffirms his butt-wipe status by doing everything except shine Obama’s shoes. One supposes that Stewart saves his acid witlessness for Republicans and conservatives. Somebody watching the show pegged it perfectly: a useful idiot confronting a useless idiot. Amen.

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