Jul 23, 2010

Three cheers for Mister Charlie

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Back in the middle of the last Ice Age, Congress began to investigate New York Rep. Charlie Rangel for “ethics” violations. The “ethics committee” — while some of its members are still alive — have finally decided to bring Charlie to justice, presumably by forcing him to pay his own cell phone bill. They’re going to hold hearings. So there, Rangel. Take that!

Meanwhile Charlie games the corruption system again, despite being in office during the most honestest and most transparentest and most ethicalest administation of all time. You can only imagine what would have happened to you if you had somehow failed to mention a half-million dollar checking account; or a condo on a Caribbean island, or four rent-controlled apartments in NYC that you were renting for spit, and taking bribes….oops, scratch that, I mean gifts…and if it were you, you could well imagine you’d be on your way to Leavenworth right now. But not Mister Charlie.

Lovely sidebar yesterday: Rangel was asked by a TV reporter if he would resign if found guilty and he snapped “Who are you with?,” fully expecting the reporter to say Fox News so Charlie could ahve launched into one of his right-wing-conspiracy diatribes. But when the reporter was identified as Luke Russert, Tim Russert’s son, working for MSNBC, Charlie was heart-sick and mumbled something about how it used to be a good station. Obviously, he had never heard of any of the NBC stations asking a corrupt Democratic hack a serious, legitimate news question.

But don’t worry about it; nothing’ll happen for the next four years, and Charlie will be reelected as King of the Fools year after year after year. Some things never change.

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