Jul 21, 2010

A political tale from a land far away

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Hello, my friends, and here we are for the history lesson of the day. We are going back to the olden times of Chicago when it was an evil, corrupt city, where politicians and criminals ran roughshod over the populace and stole their money and got their wives appointed to sinecure jobs that they did nothing to earn. Well, we’re done with that, aren’t we?

After all, now we have the Chicago of President Box’o'Rocks, who is the most honestest, the most wonderfulest, the most uncorruptiblest, well, just simply the most and best of everything — (including the best author never to have written his own book, but more on that at a later date.)

anyway, in the old evil chicago of the past, this is what would have happened….some corrupt governor would have been indicted by some ambitious u.s. attorney who himself wanted to become governor; so the governor would start talking up a blue streak, about how he was going to testify about what he knew and call as witnesses the president and all the president’s men and all the president’s women and pretty soon at 1600 pennslyvania avenue, they started to get antsy because this nitwit governor of illinois knew where the bodies were buried and nobody wanted to ehar anybody tetify about it… so guess what….in this lunatic land in illinois, long ago and far away, the governor decides not to testify; the judge decides to send him away for just a little bit; the white house manages to escape embarrassment by not having all its criminal thugs being cross-examined under oath, and — wow, what a surprise — suddenly one u.s. attorney is going to be supported for the governor’s seat and, if that doesn’t work, he is going to be nominated for the next post on the federal judicial bench. but of course, this is all a fairy-tale, from back in the day when chicago wasn’t the nicest, bestest, most honorablest, city in the united states because it was the home field for PRESIDENT BOX’O'ROCKS OBAMA, all hail his glorious name.

pardon me while i retch.

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