Jul 8, 2010

Nobody asked me but...

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I think we should take up a collection to buy a set of crayons for her so that Lindsay Low-rent can amuse herself during her few weeks in jail.

The idiot now running NASA said the agency has been charged with the responsiblity by President Box’o'Rocks to do Muslim outreach and make Muslims feel good about their contributions to science. And that would be, in the last thousand years, exactly what….?

Janet No-Brain-itano has just changed what is laughingly called her mind and said that fed employes once again are allowed to listen to controversial opinions — including those that suggest this woman should be put away in a place with a rubber room.

Somebody tell me this isn’t true — that the Justice Department agreed to drop the polling place charges against the New Black Panthers — (even stupider than the old Black Panthers) — when one of them promised…(I swear to God I read this in two places)…”not to carry a deadly weapon near a polling place until 2012.” Maybe that IS right. Who says we’ll still be using polling places after 2012?

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