Feb 25, 2010

Attention, S&M Freaks:

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 I don’t mind that an awful lot of mainstream commercials seem aimed only at black people  — (fair enough, demographics being the precise meticulous science it is.)  But what explains the sudden trend toward sadism on the commercial tube?

Take Alli Bank for one, with those hideous clips of some some smarmy announcer cheating young kids with promises of horses and trucks and bicycles and then reneging and  giving them junk pieces of cardboard.  Those ads are cruel.  Are they really making any friends, or customers, for Alli Bank,  whoever the hell they are?  And what about that bearded mope who runs around for some oil company whipping people with an auto dipstick?   Can you imagine how that hurts? Who gets a kick out of that except some weirdette in a San Francisco advertising agency?   In the places I hang out, if this guy showed up waving his dipstick, he would first be sternly lectured,  and then  shipped to the hospital to have his dipstick surgically removed from its final resting place.

There’s a lot of nuts in this world, boys and girls.  Attention, Madame Defarge.  Madison Avenue is waiting for you.

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