Jun 28, 2010

De mortuis nihil nisi bonum…okay, I’m trying

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It was really said in Greek, but the Romans swiped it into Latin. “Speak nothing but well of the dead.” All right, here goes. Sen. Robert Byrd of Virginia is dead. For the last two decades, while he was a predictable party line vote for the Democrats, the mainstream media ignored his history and made him sound like a cross between Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Aquinas.

Fair enough but in some of the Senator’s own words, a few choice items to round out the loving picture the mainstreams paint.

Byrd said he joined the Ku Klux Klan mostly to promote his own political ambitions, but he wrote later — years after allegedly leaving the Klan — that the KKK was needed more than ever to prevent “this beloved land of ours from becoming degraded by race mongrels.”

This “champion of the people” filibustered for 14 hours against the 1964 Civil Rights act and voted against it, although it finally passed, thanks to Republicans.

And there was more and more and more to Senator Byrd’s record but, as he would say, fie, fie, fie. Who cares? And indeed who does? Goodbye Senator Byrd. May you rest in the peace that your opportunistic racist hack political career so long denied to so many of us.

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