May 6, 2010

Greece-ing the skids for the good new U.S.S. of A.

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One-third of the population on government payrolls. Women retire at 50; men at 55.

Radio and TV announcers retire early because of the threat from bacteria on their microphones; hairdressers because of their exposure to chemicals; musicians because they get gastric reflux disease.

The glory that was Greece — the birthplace of democracy — has been reduced to that and now they’re rioting in the streets because there’s nobody left to pay the welfare bill.

Pay attention, please, because what you see there is what you’ll be seeing here in years to come if President Box-o-rocks and his merry men continue their push to create the U. S. S. of A., the United Socialist States of America.

Once there were 300 who stood for Greece. Now they don’t have them; and maybe, neither do we.

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