May 4, 2010

Let a smile be your umbrella

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A nomination for joke of the week came in a left wing blog I read today in which the author lamented that Janet No-Brain-itano would never now be nominated for the Supreme Court because she was needed as never before, by America, to solve the problems of immigration, oil leaks in the Gulf, and terrorist attacks. This sent me into paroxysms of laughter, not a good thing for people with lungs like mine. But the blogger, for all the wrong reasons, is probably right. There is no supreme court seat in Janet’s future. This cabinet cluck, whose entire repertoire seems to consist of shouting, during emergencies, “We’ve got it under control. We’ve been on it since Day One,” will be lucky to keep her current paid job before Box-o-Rocks throws her to the wolves. Which may be any day now.

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