Apr 15, 2010

A buck here, a buck there…it all adds up

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It’s nice to see that the Biden family is continuing the wonderful tradition begun by Al Gore, namely donating as little as possible to charity. (Although, in Gore’s case, this may change, now that the imbecile is on his way to becoming a billionaire through scamming everybody in America who suffers from panic disorder.)

The Bidens, according to tax records, made about $333,000 adjusted gross income last year; they donated $4,800 to charity….about 1.4 percent. Isn’t it interesting how the left is always hectoring the rest of us about how they love the poor people, except when it’s time to dust off the checkbook. When it comes to giving, no contest: Conservatives and church-goers are far more generous toward charity than those who so noisily love everybody so long as it doesn’t cost them anything. Does the word hypocrisy ring a bell?

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