Apr 15, 2010

Fighting for the vote of every last turtle

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The banks which received bailout money have now started to pay it back, with interest and so the taxpayers may wind up making a profit. The White House has been so happy about this that they been wetting themselves with smarmy self-congratulations. Somehow, though, they seem to have missed pointing out that the program is part of the TARP plan, started by President Bush. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that word. Lots of luck with that catching on. Meanwhile, we’ve got bigger things afoot. There’s the stimulus package. Remember that? Of course, they don’t call it that any more. Now it has become somehow a “jobs-bill.” Try this for jobs under the “jobs-bill.” While it was still a stimulus package, in Florida, they were preparing to build a tunnel under a road, so that turtles could cross the road without getting hit by cars. And in Vermont, they’re doing the same thing for salamanders. Imagine all the jobs this is going to create. What recession? Can’t you just hear the jobless rate dropping, like shovels of stones being tossed into an empty well. To hell with Detroit. Who needs cars? We’ve got turtles. But, let’s not be critical. After all, politics exists in the real world and who knows, the Democrats may need programs like this to guarantee that they get the turtle vote and the salamander vote. Hell, it’s worked for them with jackasses for years, hasn’t it?

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