Mar 25, 2010

Good night, sweet prince and princess

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It’s been a tough week…just a few things that got to me. Kathryn Grayson died. When I was a little teenage boy, I thought she was the most beautiful woman God had ever created. Nothing has changed. I still think that…and she also managed to be an absolutely heart-stopping coloratura soprano. And now tonight, the news that Robert Culp died. Back in the long ago, he and Bill Cosby had this great series, I-Spy, and I have no problem in saying that it was the relationship between the two characters that gave me a jump-start toward various works I did in my own life. Culp was never given credit for being as good as he was; Cosby kept winning emmies, even though he often said that Culp taught him everything he had to know about acting. Whatever. Culp was a terrific actor; he had wonderful taste in marrying the most beautiful woman in the world, and it doesn’t get better than that. Good night Kathryn, good night Robert. You did right by us. and some of us will remember.

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