Mar 10, 2010

How the Crisis Flu the Coop:

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Well, the medical establishment has finally given us a pass and said that the big flu epidemic, expected to kill millions of us, didn’t happen. Good thing too because our bestest, brightestest, most efficientest and most moralest administration in Washington somehow oversaw a total failure in producing the expected-to-be-needed flu vaccine. You might not have noticed that fact in the press, by the way, ’cause they didn’t run it. But can you imagine if it had happened on Bush’s watch in the White House? Every time some kid in Bumstuff, Arkansas, got a runny nose, the three networks would be on the scene broadcasting around the clock, lamenting W’s failure to do anything to save the lives of America’s toddlers. (“Oh, the heartless savage.”) But that was then; this is now. The flu is just as much non-news as Gitmo and the Patriot Act and ethics and honesty.

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